Adventures of Ollie(vania)

This is the end of my Tilevania project and the start of expanding it into my own thing, I’m aiming for a 2D RPG Metroidvania game. So far the title is either ‘The Adventures of Ollie’ or ‘The Legend of Oliver’ or some variation on that. What do you folks think? Story so far will be Ollie looking for his lost brother in this fantasy world they were lost in, cliché I know but there will be twists. My hang-up at the moment is creating moving platforms. I can get blocks to move with the same movement script from Project Boost. The player stays on vertical moving platforms but when he jumps on a horizontal moving platform it just slides out from under him while he remains on in the same position until he falls off. I know one solution is to make the player a child of the platform when he collides with it but I haven’t been able to execute that so far.


cool project :slight_smile:

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