Adding Second Player(?)

Hello Class, I tried to start from scratch to build a TPS game but when trying to follow instructions to add the second player Unreal doesn’t allow me to add. Sam never explains how to get in-screen 'testing with multiplayers" while TPS is being created once selected at the beginning of this session like in the screenshot below: My goal is I’m trying not to DL the GitHub for this session I want to learn and create and write alongside Sam’s Class instructions. Any feedback would be Awesome!!! :slight_smile:

I believe, and sorry my PC is updating, but when you go to run the game, the drop down next to play allows you to choose the number of players.

Yes, I tried this but I don’t see the second player in the scene. :\

Is it launching two players at least or still the one? You should have two clients running to at least the editor and another client.

Hi, Bryant No I’m only getting one player. Could it be a fluke in Unreal?

Maybe. If you set it to 2 players you should get two windows. Make sure they didn’t open on top of each other. Then lastly you are replicating back to the server.

I checked if I have two windows but I only have one window and still only one player I’m going to try and downgrade Unreal version from 425.2 to the version used in class:(

Hi Bryant, I was trying to use a latest version of 425.2 but doesn’t work well when I downgraded to 417.2 worked like a charm. Thanks for your guidance. :slight_smile:

Just a note: I found that I had to change the “Net Mode” found right below where you set the number of players to “Play as Client” to make the network players show up. Not sure if that is going to mess things up later for me but it works for now with 4.25

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