Adding "LeaveLobby" to Close button on the "Enter Address" Panel?

I find out a small oversight here, presented as is:

  • if we have no Host at a time, but click “Join Lobby” to address ‘localhost’,
  • then nothing happens, we have no Host to join,
  • click Close button (the X button) to go back to Landing page
  • now if we click Host Lobby again, it would error out, Landing page disappears and Console logs error “Server or Client already started”, in this case it is Client. Nothing we can do at this point but to restart the game

So I suggest adding “LeaveLobby” method in LobbyMenu.cs to the Close Button. So when we hit close, it would also stop any host and client also. Is it ok or might it create other issues?

Hi there, you make a good point, thanks for your feedback!

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