Adding dT variable with GetFrameTime is not showing as a function

In this stage the instructions show to type in GetFrameTime and inside the video it auto completes it and in my soft wear it does not do this and also does not recognize the dT as a declared variable i assume as it does not see the frame time either to make it have a figure to then be used in the calculation. The frame variable is also not being recognized either as the code is not going blue the new code has made no change in the sprite image

@garypettie This one is showing up in the wrong place entirely with the correct tags.
This should be under other courses and not here.

You are not exactly being helpful as a moderator, can you please put it where it needs to be on the Dasher game on the lesson about Delta Time as when i look on that lesson this post is on the bottom of it in the discussions tab where it could seem to be the correct place for it to be


VSCode’s auto-complete (aka Intellisense) is an imperfect and unreliable mess at times, so don’t worry too much if it doesn’t activate for you. So long as your code compiles that’s the important thing.

That said, can I see your code? Did you make sure to declare the dT variable?

thanks for your time looking at my issue but i found that removing the dT variable and everything related to it saving, quitting out and then reloading and then typing it in again then worked it has happened before too in a previous section

I apologise that you do not feel on this occasion that i was helpful in your search for a solution.
We have been having issues with tags on the forums and moving the topic to the correct part of the forums before Gary had chance to see where the post was may have hampered his effort to correct future issues.
I hope you understand the reasons now that i did not move the post and i am glad that you have found a solution to the issue.

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