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So I decide to do this section even though I finished the old version, because it looks like it teaches some new concepts, and either way I could use some review. But I’m also working on the tilevania section in unity 2017, and since I don’t have enough disk space for two unity’s at once, I was wondering if I would be okay finishing tilevania in unity 2018?

Yep, should not be a problem.

I’m having an issue with this lecture. Right at the beginning, you say to right click and create a “State”. When I right click I don’t see that option. What’s wrong? Thanks :smiley:

Keep watching the video… at the start of the video I’m just showing what we’ll be able to do by the end of the video.

Ok. I’ll do that, thanks. :grin:

Just wanted to make sure. Is it here that we post our idea for a theme (Choose your own adventure) or somewhere else below?

This post is the best one: About 'Text101 Game Design'!

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Game Theme: Fall of Rome
The Image that sums up the game: Roman Columns, buildings on fire and toga clad Romans looking panicked
The player: a roman centurion
The games Goal: Get out of Rome before the barbarians sack the city

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@Rick_Davidson - Super excited to see you on board for this - (don’t worry @ben I think you’re just as awesome lol) - I love how much focus you put into the design of games - great to see some of the concepts from the RPG course make their way into the new 2D one! Even though I’m on my second run of this course now it feels like it’s completely new! Keep on surprising us guys!


Here’s our latest surprise: https://www.udemy.com/creativity-for-coders/?couponCode=DISCORD. Just announced on Discord, and a pretty damn solid course if we say so ourselves.

Looking forward to 2019 with you all.

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