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In this video (objectives)…

  1. Create A Domain
  2. Open the Shader Editor
  3. tweak the settings to get the desired result.

After watching (learning outcomes)…

Add a simple fog to our scene to create atmosphere

(Unique Video Reference: 24_GS_BEC)

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Heh this came up in the Q&A the other day in how to make a light cone for the animated lamp on the blender course.
Had a bit of advanced knowledge on this one too from my own prior work :slight_smile:
Really enjoyed this lecture although i found repositoning my lights helped a bit and hiding the cube on and off so i could check boundarys without blocking the scene

Edit :- (I think i did the challenge again already didnt I?)

Future Edit :- Yep i did lol


Shader seemed a little buggy for me. I had to try it 3 times.


Might be a version difference as i am using alpha 2 and i think Mikey is on an earlier alpha version.


I think you are right. At least it wasn’t a huge loss. Backup is the key especially in 2.8 until it becomes more stable.


I update ever day :wink:



Incredible renders above! The fog sure does add a lot of realism and atmosphere to the image.
Here is my attempt, in Eevee. Cycles coming later, once it is rendered. I found that the rendered image differs quite a lot between Eevee and Cycles - you have to fiddle with the fog and lightning when changing the renderer.

Finally, the Cycles one too. A bit grainy and dark, but more realism, I gather:

Additional Cycles render - with denoising, and also adding some red lights. :slight_smile:


I finally got some useful information on fog and how to do it using Volumetrics! This is certainly useful. I thought the lecture was clear and easy to follow. Thank you.


Went for a much denser fog. Made my bridge look really, really erie.



Tweaking the values in shader properties is a little hard - it seems that the values of density and anisotropy that look good in this case is a very small subset of the values that you can choose. Why is that?


This ain’t working for me, even with the files Michael is using. (dl’ed them from repo).

I hope it’s a bug in the current release of 2.8 >>


Thank Eevee for fast render times! I wouldn’t have done 480 frames at 1080p in cycles!


Fog makes everything 10x spookier


And Cycles


Hi, everyone! This is my first post on the community! Let me know what you think about my version of the bridge. Im enjoying and learning a lot with this course



Good day gents

This is what i got out of Eevee

It looks nice if you ask me, but when I tried Cycles …

It looks horrible … The settings are absolutely the same just the render engine is switched. Can someone tel me how to remove that red poop :confused:

Have a great day


Ooo how interesting! No idea why it is red! any red light or environment lighting?