About 'Volumetric Basics'!

I have black as the environment and there are no red lights, I try to change the lights to blue and the result is the same :confused:

I’d have to think of sub-scattering or subsurface color set somewhere in material settings. It would make sence as for Eevee this option must be turned on separately and not for Cycles. But… it’s volumetric. May be there is a color set in your volumetric settings? Like Absorbtion color is set to green and not black (not sure, but green absorption color should give visible red color).

first is evee render, second cycles.
Sun color is blue, as you can see it’s a huge difference between two engines.


please check and me feed back

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This was such a great lecture!! It was difficult and a lot of fun. :smile:


Here’s my effort, not to different from the course standard, but I did try to go for a sodium vapour effect.

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My fog bridge.

I tried with both engines. These were my results. :slight_smile:



Bridge scene without fog;

First shot at making foggy bridge scene;

Much to learn with Eevee. I think too much options switched on. Just testing.
Bridge floor colour is ugly chosen. Need a nice wet cobblestone pattern, matching the fog :wink:

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This render is in Eevee


And this is in Cycles

The two render engines handle this operation differently, so I was constantly fiddling with settings while switching between engines to try and get a final render. Gotta say though, Volumetrics are pretty awesome. Probably could add thicker fog as you can see the end of the “water” plane.

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