About 'Using Prefabs In Unity'!


Level 1


A level which I have made


I created a sunset by setting the block color in the Block.Start() method based on the distance from a point in the middle.


Such a good idea!


My Level.


I was going for a classic look.
btw, if anyone has a problem getting Start button to work, like I had, try moving the Start Menu scene on the top of the list in the Build Settings and it should work.


my first level


Here is a screen shot from my game. I am going for a code/hacking/computer virus type thing.


Now this is inspiring. Very cool design. I like a lot the transparent blocks.


Thanks, I am still adjusting things. I decided to include some blocks that were more “solid” as well. After just having added the sound the game is really starting to have the vibe I wanted it to.