About 'Transforming Objects'!

In this video (objectives)…

  1. Learn how to move, rotate and resize (scale)
  2. Learn how to reset those transforms
  3. Understand why you will need to apply those transforms
  4. Slowing down transforms
  5. Pivot points

After watching (learning outcomes)…

You will be able to manipulate objects in your scene, moving them, rotating them and changing their size

(Unique Video Reference: 4_GS_BEC)

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2.8 is still a bit clumsy but looks incredibly positive.



INCREDIBLY beautiful lamp posts! I went for a much simpler variant…


Hi, here is my version of a street lamp.


Love the bolts!


Just a simple cylinder. Gets the idea across. Thanks for noticing.

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Hello! Here is my lamp, very simple:

I tried to play a little with the lamp color and the background color in the world settings! I’m new to Blender so I would like to know, is there an easy way to add a gradient to the world background? Maybe like creating vector gradients in inkscape (or photoshop or illustrator)?


I tried to experiment with gradient in backdrop… came up with this that may be a bit ridiculous, but at least it is possible to achieve! :smiley:


Cool! Yesterday I found the solution below by copying this setup for cycles but into eevee!

But I’m a complete beginner at using nodes or shaders so I don’t know exactly what each node is doing, I’m just copy-pasting. I’ll try your solution later to compare them!


Wow! That is Almost the same. And to think I actually managed to set it up myself! :smiley:


Added noise textures to the ground and lamp so they look more like concrete and metal


Good lecture and well presented!

I too am just staying within the principals of the lecture and not trying to do too much using things I learned in 2.79. As I look at the screen on Blender 2.8, it is a bit disconcerting because it looks so much different even though a lot of the commands are exactly the same.

Since just about all of us are Blender users from previous Blender versions though at many different skill levels, I think your approach to introducing each skill set is an excellent idea. I look forward to the rest of this course.


I’m getting annoyed by this. Hot-keys, don’t work, then you have to walk through the menu. Find the thing you need. But it doesn’t show you a hot key for the next time.

Pressing z gives you an menu around the mouse location. But when your mouse is at the border of your window, you miss options. I don’t like the numbers for options, these are difficult to remember.

Saving an image by pressing f3, doesn’t work any-more (it is now search). Pressing space to search for an option is broken by showing options instead of immediately typing in the stuff you need. You need to click in the input field.

While in edit mode the a-key doesn’t work always. Youd nee to press the a-key many times to deselect or select all. The same goes for the x,y and z-key. Pressing them twice doesn’t give you the expected result.

Rendering as seen above, where is the shadow? It looks like objects aren’t blocking the light.

For me Blender is all about doing creative stuff. Now I’m forced to re-learn stuff I already know, but blocked by the User Interface.


So strange, so wired :confused: interface, I want to hope that this is a matter of habit and many things will correct
Back to basics, it feels as if for the first time in a blender.


You’ll get there. There is a learning curve and i Ty doesn’t take long to get the changes internalised. But yet still a pain sometimes.

Here is an option now on the spash screen when starting to use previous shortcut keys.

It seems like Eevee renders need anti-aliasing turned on. The edges seem pretty jagged. I haven’t moved much past modeling with my knowledge of Blender so maybe I missed something.


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Here is my lamp. I feel like the point lights are acting a little weird with textures and passing through my mesh, but I’m thinking that the reason will become apparent to me soon probably.




my lamp postlamp%20post%202

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Absolute beginner here, thank you so much for this course!
Here is my lamppost :slight_smile:


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