About 'The Boolean Modifier'!

In this video (objectives)…

  1. Use our first modifier
  2. It is a dynamic tool
  3. Understand its limitations
  4. Create some awesome shapes

After watching (learning outcomes)…

Use the Boolean modifier to quickly create more interesting meshes

(Unique Video Reference: 6_GS_BEC)

We would love to know…

  • What you found good about this lecture?
  • What we could do better?

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The new boolean modifier is fine and dandy. Big improvement.


Has a few downsides with Topology but really useful for mocking up simple scenes!

As always the boolean needs to be treated with care but this is a massive improvement over the confusion in blender 2.7*

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Im looking forward to when there is a stable version. Some modifiers don’t work well yet and some are just a huge improvement.


Having fun with the boolean modifier ^^ :


Hehe that is awesome.

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That is awesome

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Is the course out I can’t find it on udemy

Thank you :slight_smile:

My bridge arch

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Another Arch. Used a deformed sphere to cut out the centre…and elongated spheres along the corners. Will be interesting to see when multiplied. :slight_smile:

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What i would like to see added in this part is how we make a mesh of the thing we created. When I export this into Substance now, I dont see the model I made, but the two objects. Maybe you come to this point later in the course, then I think its good to refer to it.

And great course btw. I really appreciatie you do this for a program that is still in alpha. Blender 2.8 will be my new modeling software, I like it very much! Keep up the good work

@VR_Visuals you just need to click “Apply” on the boolean modifier

I got a bit carried away

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Enjoyed the Boolean lecture. I did find that I had to apply scale to my Boolean cutter before using it. Maybe the October 1 release of Blender 2.8 caused that or I did something else wrong setting it up. Anyway, I did one as the challenge where I used a cylinder to cut into the cube and then a cube to get the straight sides of the archway. Then I did a second one after I finished the lecture in the same manner Mike showed at the end of the lecture. Both ways seemed to have worked just fine.

Here are my two Archways:

I always “brush” my models after boolean operations)


Nice :+1:t2:

Very basic.