About 'Snapping To The Grease Pencil'!

In this video (objectives)…

  1. Use the grease pencil in a new way
  2. Link our strokes to each other

After watching (learning outcomes)…

Build much more complex sketches by linking a new stroke to previous ones

(Unique Video Reference: 11_SG_BEC)

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  • What you found good about this lecture?
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I tried to make a tree. I am getting better at moving around my tablet and drawing with a Pencil but it still looks crude at best. I know: PRACTICE, PRACTICE, PRACTICE.

The lecture was very well presented and I had no problem in setting up my scene and drawing my little, though crude, tree. I tried to make one in the same style as Michael’s tree but did not try to copy it exactly. Here is my Tree!

Now to go back and watch the rest of the lecture and see how to improve my skills.

Here is my tree after finishing the lecture. It is not pretty but has some character to it.


Nice Lecture, learned some interesting stuff again :slight_smile:
Here’s my basic tree :


Nice! Got a crashing issue at the moment holding up the last few lectures but we’re almost there :slight_smile:

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Recently when i worked on another scene, firstly the beta was very stable. After i opened the project the next day, it kept crashing after 1 min about 10 times…
But after that it worked fine again. :thinking:
Anyway, it’s great how Blender evolved and that you teach us the new things, thanks Michael. :slight_smile:

Dissolving Tree ^^:


Everything textured using procedural textures as usual.


I figured out how to get my tablet to pressure sense YAY!
On the down side i clearly need practice with it and its a tiny one so its great as a starter


Here’s my basic tree. Spent bit practicing with this one and I’m feeling much better with how my tablet is working with Blender. I was really happy with how this one turned out as a grease pencil object.



Wow! Nice trick!

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I really like your tree !
It looks somehow natural. Could be part of a creepy, misty swap.

Thanks :smiley:

my stylus presure doesnt work in blender so i just left the braches untapered.

I like the trees above…
I followed the Grease-Pencil-draw, Adaptive-Simplify, Convert-to-Curve and then Bevel workflow. Also tweaked the Grease-Pencil strokes to have fewer subdivisions as I don’t need all the points it makes.

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Copied the grass that i created in the previous lecture and appended this lamp that i had made before. i also added the fog coz i like the fog effect and i was playing with the volume node and noise texture node and came up with this amazing fog effect.


Beautiful scene. Good atmosphere.
I know the moon is what it is, but for the composition, it could be slightly bigger.
What do you think?

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Yeahh…I guess but with the toll of time and performance.

Good lecture - still stylus challenges with a ways to go. Per @Richard_Rayer

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@Chanay_Jain your sense of mood is very cool. Great feel to this piece - nice work!