About 'Render Time Displacement (Cycles)'!



In this video (objectives)…

  1. Use an experimental feature of Blender Cycles
  2. Understand it only works in Cycles
  3. Currently you CANNOT export this

After watching (learning outcomes)…

You will be able to use Cycles' render time displacement.

(Unique Video Reference: 23_PW_BEC)

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This was really interesting. I still am not comfortable with how the colors are put on the ground layer of the scene but with practice it will get easier. My mountains don’t look quite as rough and realistic in their texture as your textures turned out but I am sure with tweaking values, could find something better than what I have here.

Mountain Scene:


It’s too steep to be real, but I liked the look.


:grin: Just rotated the contraption you made before the landscape. It looks kind of cool


Islands Memories


Mountains look a bit the same. Started spending too long on this. !


Love the colours on this!



Went the animation route, because this is just so cool. Feedback welcome as always!


That’s awesome! Worth the animation time!