About 'NWUI Instructor Hangout #1'!


In this video (objectives)…

  1. We discuss namespaces in more detail.

After watching (learning outcomes)… A hangout where Ben and Rick talk about namespaces.

(Unique Video Reference: 12_UI_CUD)

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  • What we could do better?

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Thanks for adding in the Instructor Hangout, I think it is a nice way of wrapping up the session. It helped me better grasp some of the concepts I was struggling to fully understand.

As for the challenges: I personally found NWUI challenges to be quite difficult. I personally liked wracking my brain over a solution, but I admit that I couldn’t get it on my own, even with the hints. I think the challenge difficulty really ramped up from the previous sessions, which I’m glad to see.

I don’t want to see the challenges get easier on my behalf. I like the difficulty they are at currently even if I can’t solve them on my own. It starts to take away the hand-holding that I’ve come to rely on and really forces me to problem solve on my own. So I’m personally happy with the current challenges used in NWUI.

In fact, I’d like to see the challenges taken a step further, and have ones that we aren’t given the solution to, that isn’t directly tied to the final result of our game. As an example, an optional challenge would have been for us to create a way to count the number of guesses it took our code before success, and then display it somewhere in our UI. It doesn’t stop us from having a functioning game if we decide to skip it, but it would encourage someone like me to delve even deeper into solving problems. I’d probably look into familiarizing myself more with the Unity Scripting site, and get more involved in the community to seek out suggestions on how to solve it.

One thing that I plan on doing is to simply go back and start from scratch and see if I can get a working NWUI without using your lecture videos. It sounds simple, but I know for me personally, I’ll struggle to remember how to do it.

But in all honesty, I’m really enjoying the course so far and this is just me being nitpicky. I can’t wait to get started on Block Breaker and I’ve learned tremendously, and am grateful that these courses exist!


Thanks for the very awesome feedback!