About Networking For Game Objects

I enrolled into this course but I was wondering seeing a comparison between Mirror and NGO. How much of this course is general-enough of networking knowledge to transfer into using Networking for Gameobjects?

Obviously NGO is a completely different library but if I go though this course will I have to begin from scratch with NGO?

Hi there,
This course includes all the networking theory in the first section. The server/client model etc. will be the same for other multiplayer solutions.

I haven’t used Networking for GameObjects yet, but my understanding is that it is a similarly high level netcode library. Since it is a completely different library, you would have to redo any project from scratch to convert it to Networking for GameObjects, but the components would be similar.

I think you would find it familiar if you learned Mirror and then switched to Networking for GameObjects.

Thank you. I wasn’t going to implement MP onto any project just to learn the basic and “How to think” in terms of networking.

Thank you for a quick reply!

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