About 'Material Inputs: Texture Coordinate'!

In this video (objectives)…

  1. Use the Texture Coordinate Node
  2. Extract values we need from it
  3. Use those values to control Or material properties

After watching (learning outcomes)…

Be able to use increasing complex node setups to add procedural properties to your materials

(Unique Video Reference: 17_PW_BEC)

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A pity the environment textures doesn’t work properly yet. Anyway a nice scene :slight_smile:


Hopefully they will soon, there are a couple of things that would be awesome if they worked. I would love to include baking normals and using another objects texture co-ordinates to control textures on a model, neither of those are working yet :frowning:

Great scene!

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Yeah, i hope they can include that features soon :slight_smile: .
Thanks, i got great inspiration from your image :smiley:

My beach scene gave me some problems. I tried to over think the displacement. I wanted to make the displacements that I used to graduate to less as it went from water to sand. I did not realize that the sand would have a water like texture but just not look so wet (reflective). Your solution to the challenge showed me how much more easily it could be done. I am still a bit unclear as to all the minor tweaking you did with the world lighting and the sun lamp so I will probably go over this lecture a few more times.



My beach scene. I spent quite a lot of time on this, among other things trying to get the white “foam” look right. Not satisfied with it, but I have to let it go now.

Also experimented with overlaying the linear wave texture (normal map) with circular one for where the ball is placed in the water. This looked pretty cool. :slight_smile:

Yes, that’s Suzanne there… buried in the sand…


It’s not particularly realistic but I’m happy with it, especially given how little effort it required.

Sandy Beach



My beach scene. I used vertex groups to differentiate the water displacement from the sand displacement. Additionally I didnt like how the sand looked fake, so I used another color ramp to control the transmission in order to make the water look a little more water like and the sand to look a little more solid.


I really struggled with getting the sand and water to stay separate on this one but in the end came up with these.

This first one is probably my favorite. Unfortunately, Blender crashed when I started working on the beach-ball. When I came back to it this morning I discovered that I hadn’t saved my work as recently as I had thought.

So, I started from scratch and came up with this…

After a bit of tweaking to the Environment and the Displacement Textures (including assigning all 3 a control empty), I ended up with this…

I really would have liked more definition on the waves but my system was already having conniption-fits with the geometry.

So, my final render…

(That beach ball is 50m in diameter :open_mouth:)


This was a tricky one as there is no full control about two parts (beach and water) to tweak reflections, colors and displacement separately.
Also used the same method on the stone, to create that gradient of wetness.


I stopped tweaking, even though the sand could use more detail…it’s so peaceful. Amazing lecture!



I tried at first to use the experimental displacement node. But as many times as I already tried. I could not make it work. The instructions are so simple, but it doesn’t work for me. I even tried the newest Blender Beta. But no progress here.

So back to a displacement modifier, weight paint, vertex groups, and reuse of some old beach project of mine.


Here’s mine! I had loads of trouble with the shadows on the bricks, still not perfect… I’m not sure what the problem is!

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CYCLE Render :

EEVEE Render :
Global View (cycle) :


fantastic render almost a foto well done.

[quote=“teapot21, post:7, topic:86756”]
It’s not particularly realistic but I’m happy with it, especially given how little effort it required.
[/quote] 2


pretty happy with the outcome


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