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  1. Whilst keeping the curve as a curve object create real geometry
  2. Explore the different options

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You will be able to use your curves as real geometry

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Created a super simple meadow :

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I used my grass curve that I made from a grease pencil sketch and made 3 grass plants (One Fill Mode Full, one Back and one Front Fill). I wanted to see if they looked different from each other in Rendered form. This is the result:

Had issues with the curve making lots more vertices and not sure why but the more depth made it worse. Ended up with a depth of 0.001

I started with curves that had an astonishing plethora of verts. To reduce the geometry, after a bit of experimentation, I used the “Decimate Curve” command (In Edit Mode: Curve --> Clean up --> Decimate Curve) to reduce it to a factor of 0.1.

I ended up with a nice clean curve I could work with to arrive at this.


Thanks for this good information. I have had the same idea, but didn´t find the settings. So I appreciate your comment very much. Your plant looks nice. :slight_smile: How did you make the white stripes on the leaves?

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Looks odd, but I keep on trying…



Converted in a mesh, than added a subsurf modifier, edited some loops in edite mode, alt + e and added a stripe on the leave.


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I actually struggled with that just a bit but eventually settled on this node setup
looking back at it I realize that I’m missing a gradient texture in the first node group but as I recall, none of the built-ins were giving me what I wanted so I’ll likely have to create the gradient and use an image texture.

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Thanks Capricas_Kirito. The node tree looks interesting and a little bit complicated, try to understand it.

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made the stem part of the leaves by duplicating the object and changing the settings :stuck_out_tongue:

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I duplicated the curves (Shift-d) and let them on the same spot.
But I changed the colour and bevel start end points. So I got a flower.

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Spent way too much time experimenting with mesh instancing to try make a lawn… could not get the rotations to randomize and gave up eventually. The particle systems gave some good results but I didn’t really know what I was doing and I froze blender a couple of times. So, just submitting the bezier plant instead.

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Last couple of lectures have been very interesting! Love the grease pencil for organic shapes. @Capricas_Kirito excellent hint re simplifying “astonishing plethora of verts”

Inspiration for this composition was based on Louis’ work in Q&A section of this lecture.


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