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It is time for your Mid-Section Challenge! Here you will get to put all the knowledge you have discovered so far to good use by creating your own scene or model using primitives

(Unique Video Reference: 18_GS_BEC)

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I decided on a well. Making little assets one after the other.


simple low poly mario island:


Shell of Lego “Enter the haunted house at your peril!”

Lego Haunted House Sideview A

Lego Haunted House Sideview B

Lego Haunted House Innerview


Just a cube and two array modifiers controlled with empties.
Oh, and an icosphere and a ground plane.


Castle :slight_smile:


I could only get a small section of a castle modeled. I decided that a castle would be interesting since we made a portcullis earlier and then a brick wall and archway. So, I used a photo as my example and built using materials I already had available. I got so busy arranging all the parts that I forgot about snapping them into place. So, I will do that when I finish the model.

Here is what I have for the Mid Section challenge. The walls do have individual bricks that were beveled but the section was joined together and it is hard in this image to see the detail of the brick work.

Mike, I like what you did as the challenge demonstration. That gives me confidence to jump into things and try.


Here is my model for this challenge.

I made everything out of planes and then used the solid modifier on them.

I heard you say blocks and was going to do that, but end up doing this instead.
I never really ever built anything this way before, so there is that.


Simple container port


Here is a castle for this challenge.


I know there is no entrance but we weren’t supposed to spend more than an hour on it.


Here is my castle for Blender Environments course (section 1 lecture 23) using the 3 point lighting system. Blender 2.80 Alpha 2 and Eevee render.


Here is my submission for the mid section challenge. I again decided to lean on some of my animation knowledge from previous courses. Exploring the desert and pyramids. CC and feedback welcome!!




My desk, took measurements to make sure it’s all to scale, because it just looked wrong otherwise.
Cycles (1:55.98) :

Eevee (0:02.14):

I prefer the look of the cycles render, but it took nearly 50 times longer to render


Used way too much time on this one - oups. I guess next time I will lay out a plan before starting - just a bullet list of things to do to model the object.


My Table




A forgotten chest in a hidden dungeon :scream: