About 'Getting Started End Of Section Challenge'!



Decided to stick with the basic idea here. The reason I bought this course was the promo picture of the bridge in the mist and the idea I’ll be able to make it myself. And it was a good advice from Mike to restrict the time and to do what you can. So decided to follow the way of making the picture I liked in the fist place and put more effort into the lamps and arch.


Good day Ladies and Gentleman

I present to you my finished challenged. There should be some fanfares on the background, announcing it :smiley: Actually it is what I worked from the beginning , I just added the two towers together with the bridge, If I was to remodel it and start from scratch it would be an hour, so I am happy.

I give you two variants because even I am not sure which one I like more.

Have a good day


Here’s my 1 hour challenge, I got the trees in in the last 3 minutes!
Great course so far!


not really happy with result but I wanted to finish challenge in one hour.


I have to say that I did cheat a bit by using a free add-on that was not discussed in the course to generate the trees and the barely… : 3


Going ahead with the simple bridge, with some lighting, and some fog.


end of section challenge - 3 point ligting and volumetrics