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Time to put together all of the knowledge so far into a final piece of work.

(Unique Video Reference: 25_GS_BEC)

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Added a boat. Making the sail was fun.


Gave it a go with both Eevee and Cycles. Didn’t manage to set up the fog/glow effect with Cycles the way I wanted it and spent more than the hour timeframe on it, so this is where I’ll stop for now.


I haven’t finished the lecture yet but I did the challenge. I will finish the lecture later tonight.

Here is my scene. I did a little cheat and brought in a church that I had worked on in windows 2.7. I was surprised to see it append all intact. The church took a lot of hours to construct and was through another Udemy course that I had taken. Anyway, since it appended, I thought I would make it the focal point of the bridge. So, here is my Bridge Over Water To Church.


Bridge in fog


I do not pretend to be realism, but the picture turns out nice and is rendered quickly)