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Time to put together all of the knowledge so far into a final piece of work.

(Unique Video Reference: 25_GS_BEC)

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Added a boat. Making the sail was fun.


Gave it a go with both Eevee and Cycles. Didn’t manage to set up the fog/glow effect with Cycles the way I wanted it and spent more than the hour timeframe on it, so this is where I’ll stop for now.


I haven’t finished the lecture yet but I did the challenge. I will finish the lecture later tonight.

Here is my scene. I did a little cheat and brought in a church that I had worked on in windows 2.7. I was surprised to see it append all intact. The church took a lot of hours to construct and was through another Udemy course that I had taken. Anyway, since it appended, I thought I would make it the focal point of the bridge. So, here is my Bridge Over Water To Church.


Bridge in fog


I do not pretend to be realism, but the picture turns out nice and is rendered quickly)


Okay, so the Eevee engine is incredible. As someone who really enjoyed the Blender Creator and Character Creator course, specifically the animation sections, this renderer is just sooo amazingly fast. I hit the render button at 56 minutes in from scratch.

Approximate render time in Eevee: 2 minues 40 seconds @ 220 frames and 50% of 1080p:



Great course Mike! I’m really impressed with 2.8 so far. Render time 1.1 sec at 1080. Wow.





A ship at the end of the wharf. Looking forward to start with textures! Really need that to make it look better I think.
Also find it difficult to tweak the fog to be just right.
I’m happy with my result!
(used a lot more than an hour - oups!)


I couldnt help but do a movie
Here is the photo rendered still as well.


Here is my bridge scene. I must say I am a little embarrased about how bland it is compared to other examples in here. I suppose the only thing I have to say is am I am a complete noob at Blender and come from a Psychology background with little to no experience in this field. I am hoping that I can enhance my skills over time and am loving my experience so far. Cheers.


Railway Station at night in the fog


Here is my final render. I tried to make a kind of cobblestone path. It turned out so so I think. But I think I like how I did the lighting and fog, though.


My work for the first Chapter challenge


I took a bit of artistic license with the time limit and spent roughly an hour on the castle, an hour on the path, and another hour on everything else (not counting the lost time due to crashes). At the end of the time, this is the result


Created mostly from objects we created in the previous tutorials. I like the results though.


I did two things (wanted to try something from scratch as well) :slight_smile: