About 'Getting and Setting Actor Rotations'!

In this video (objectives)…

  1. Get rotation of actors in blueprints
  2. Set rotation of actors in blueprints
  3. Fix yaw rotation offset
  4. Clamp float values

After watching (learning outcomes)…

Learn how to get and set actor rotations in blueprints

(Unique Video Reference: 8_MR_UBP)

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Lots to remember, and to get your head around, but so far all makes sense,
its odd that the SetActorRotation gets fed in a New Rotation from the left from a mouse event timer. Makes me wonder what happens if mouse event happens first or what happens if event tick happens first… could there be a race condition and does it really matter :slight_smile:

Hey there! I’m stuck at the ninth video of the c++ unreal udemy course. after adding the options to get and set actors rotations, the controlling game actor is the camera. If anyone can help me it would be amazing(edited)

Connect your Event Tick to the Set Actor Rotation via the top arrow thingy. I had the same problem.

I’m stuck at your course not sure what is wrong here but the game wont play. As I hit the play button in UE4 and click the mouse on the screen the board won’t move. I have tried to research the internet but found nada. Not tried to change the code in any way. I’m not sure if the event tick is right but I think it is the same one as in the video you showed.

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Hey looks like you have your “Get mouse Y” function plugged into the wrong port. It should be in A not B.

Also looks like you have used a float * float function between your break rotator and your float clamps. These should be float additions.

Is there a similar technique to get smooth rotation with keystrokes, gamepad movement, etc?

The only thing I still don’t get is why did we add the “Get Mouse X” to the “GetActorRotation”

Hey, I did all of that right yet, my floor is not moving.

I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong…

This lesson was not clear enough … in my opinion. I understand the goal, ie fix the yaw rotation offset. but a bit confusing why we now must use get and set. The name " break rotator" is also confusing, maybe a break outbox/node is a better name. And the flow and position of the link/node is also kind of backwards. Does the clamp work for the pitch? It seems to me that it rotates more than 40 degrees in the video.

Would you please help me.
I post my question about the problem i am facing while learning marble Rub Course with BP. Can You please check it and help.here is the link for my question:
Question about marbel Runclamp function problem

Thank youu,

Hi Eela, See post on original thread. Your clamp values are wrong. Swap min and max.

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