About 'Game State Story Design'!



I’ve at least gotten past the blank sheet, still definitely a WIP. Kind of wondering if “Life of Ben w/ Light Programming Humor” is something anyone would be interested in seeing when it’s actually completed or if I should clear my drawing board when I get back to it. Feedback is welcome. And yes, one of the first 2 options you’re given is this game’s equivalent of “You’ve died of dysentery.”


Took me ages to do this. I’m just happy the white page has been filled in haha


Had a lot of fun, thanks!


here we go


I didn’t realise how much effort other people would put into this, mine is comparatively very basic, but it’s good enough I think.
the titles are all over the place because I started a naming system without thinking how it would actually work…


Took me a week but finally completed it!


Took me about 6 hours but I did it! I had a lot of fun too. I really went all out on the writing.


That’s my design flowchart for the game 'Where are my Shoes?!"
It’s largely binary choices, with an emphasis on teaching my son the difference between good and bad choices and not to waste time in the morning when he gets up.

We are planning on using Unity to make a top-down adventure game, using similar puzzles\story line as we go along. So the text adventure game design helped us think through things like:

  • NPCs
  • Choices
  • Puzzles

We brainstormed a lot of ideas for what to do in our 2D game as well. :slight_smile:


Here is my:


Here is a link to my story on draw.io: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1h8LdB6JMO1FsZP-wgmh_ns9Dp0ivCG7C/view?usp=sharing

Although the story is very simple, I will hit a couple of issues with story steps needing different states (depending on objects founds or doors opened).

I will need to see how to adapt the current structure in Unity/VS to make it work…

Here is a screenshot:


I have Tried a little smaller version of Matrix
Hope you guys like it :grinning:
Image 1

Image 2

Image 3


Went for a pretty simple jailbreak adventure. Text adventures are not my usual cup of tea, but by the end I did find myself enjoying writing it.


Just a little intro, especially since I’d like my game to recognize items and conditions acquired from previous states without having to make entirely separate paths for them. I’m going to keep the specifics of each state to myself for now, though. :wink:


Had a good run with the story today so I’ve decided to finish it and edit my post. Also got rid of some boxes.


I totally had the same dilemma about creating a well thought out gamer experience, but also wanting to finish the course within a sane amount of time. So here’s my result: It’s about someone trying to start a musical career and some problems and/or dilemma’s on the way. Was a really fun exercise, thanks! I really enjoyed putting in the “no-choice-progression”, a 3-way option and a so called “pivotal point” in the flow as well.


This is my story diagram so far. I put a placeholder slide in because inspiration seems to elude me and I want to progress further in the course. Some parts are a bit graphic, so reader discretion is advised.


Never quite sure whether to post my stuff in a category or as a direct reply like here? Maybe i’ll do it in both for now.

My Game Story Design is called Earthbound. It’s part Adventure, Thriller and i guess horror. It delves mainly into the dream state. In a way this might either be considered game one in a series or just the first chapter.
It does have a lot of text for every option. What can i say, I just love full stories.

I’ll give an overview of the work and then maybe some readable samples. I can upload more if needed.

My story also has a parallel time line. It takes effect at the beginning and has an element of light and dark to it.
There is also a neutral end to the game for something different.

[Edit.] Just noticed a spelling mistake in one of the headings. Glory not Glorry! Meh! Also realise they may not be all that readable. Oh well.
Here goes:


I’ve only done the intro for my game idea. You are at the breakfast in your family space ship and need to get out of your chores. The games ends when the chores are assigned.


Just bare-bones (pun intended: horror game, you know) text here. I’ll add detailed text with flavor when I create the State objects. Scriptable objects are cool! I’m very excited to get to the next video (tomorrow) and put this together.


Game: A Monster trying to escape Dr. Frankenstein’s castle // Theme: Gothic, Horror
*This is what I’ve worked on today - hope to make a full fledged and upload it soon :upside_down_face: