About 'Empties And Their Uses'!



In this video (objectives)…

  1. Add Empties to our scene
  2. Use the Empties to Parent or objects to
  3. Use Empties to Control Texture coordinates

After watching (learning outcomes)…

Create an infinite variety of object using an empty to control your texture coordinates.

(Unique Video Reference: 12_PW_BEC)

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This is how bushes grow ^^ https://discourse-cdn-sjc1.com/business5/uploads/gamedev/original/3X/1/4/148fdb1581dd3e8cb758123f2ec47df6008fd85f.mp4 :


Though not as interesting as what Manu_Scheller did, here is my use of 2 displacements and empties:


Here are my rockies


Made a star that morphs by animating the empties. Bloom really helped it to look better. 60 frames rendered in under 2 minutes <3 Eevee :slight_smile:


Cycles as i forgot to adjust lighting



I couldnt resist and went and played with the lighting
Cycles first then Eevee


Made myself another little asteroid.


I dont really know what I made…A messed up looking heart? Either way, a lot of potential using empties like this!