About 'Drawing On A Surface'!

In this video (objectives)…

  1. Use the grease pencil to draw on an object's surface
  2. Control the offset from that surface
  3. Understand it's limitations

After watching (learning outcomes)…

You will be able to sketch upon the surface of a model

(Unique Video Reference: 9_SG_BEC)

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I spent too much time fiddling with my vines on Suzanne (poor monkey - I have smashed her into walls, made her out of stone, threw across a scene. Now I have vines growing all over her and out of the back of her head!)

After I watched the rest of the lecture, I realized I could have made all the adjustments to the vines when I converted them to curves. I guess that is why they call it LEARNING.

I then tried to pan the camera around Suzanne in a little video. I did not set up tracking and just moved the camera around and set keystrokes for her position so the scene is a little wobbly. I’ll have to learn how to track a camera.


Mr. Suzanne :


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I decided not to use Suzanne for this one and tried my hand at a potted plant instead. Spent waaay too much time pulling vines out of the mesh though!


Drawing and converting and cleaning upseems more trouble then using retopo and just put the splines where you want them . just my 2 cnts.

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Eevee render here. Used Susane as a template but removed in the process. Creating a tubes Susane.
Environmental map for a quick and easy effect.
Can not close the bevel tubing ends.
And this eats a lot of computer resources. Too many vertices generated.

Note June 2021: added video clip


Suzanne as a hipster…

I added 2 spheres to where the beard and hair should be… grease-penciled that with a slight offset… went into edit mode and did an addaptive simplify and only then converted to beziers. These I had to set to auto-vectors and then did the geometry settings… went in afterward to taper some curves. Hid the spheres. Very quick&dirty :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


So much fun!
I like the idea of Suzanne the Hipster !

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I don’t use GPencil (I did try to use it but really don’t like it ), So i use Bezier Curve directly.
I think it much easier.


Had a bit of fun with this one, maybe not so much fun for Suzanne though!


@FedPete this is amazing!

Maybe a little too much specular on the vines…looks quite freaky.


“Indiana Jones” sequel?

But youa are right, the vines look metalic.
Maybe express that more?

Drawing on a surface could take some getting use to.


Just combining what I learned so far to build up my skills.


I Think This Orc Is A Good Guy He Is Should Not Be Tied Like This, Can You See anger On His Face



Lol Grant’s course there too? Good mixing though, fun stuff.

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I covered Suzanne in a creepy red vine-like web. The vines were drawn with a stylus (nice toy!) using the Draw Noise pen - quite useful if you suck at drawing a straight line :slight_smile:

Both the vines and Suzanne have sub-surface scattering applied to them. To make it show more, I used a spot that illuminates just part of Suzanne and the vines. All that is on a very shiny altar.

Rendering this is gruesome: even though I set Cycles to 2048 cycles and activated denoising, there is quite a lot of noise left in parts of the render. So in a “real” scenario this might take ~4000 cycles…
It took my CPU (Ryzen 1700x, 8 core / 16 threads) a bit over 20 minutes. My GPU (Radeon Vega 64) took 9 minutes. Teaming both up brought that down to ~6:45. So I’ll remember to let both render together when doing lots of reflections / sss.


I’m a bit confused about your quest on noise. 4000 samples, denoiser on …
I really do think there is something else happing in your scene.

Can you mark the spot on the image where you see this effect/distortion happening?

Some students worked hard on the topic “Kitchen Robots”. Can you have a peek and vote? Thank you so much.