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In this video (objectives)…

  1. Navigate to Unity's download page

  2. Download Unity Hub

  3. Select the latest version of Unity to download

  4. Select your download options from the list

After watching (learning outcomes)… Get Unity and Visual Studio downloading.

(Unique Video Reference: 2_IN_CUD)

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It would be nice if you provided a redirect link to the Unity download page.

In the video and course notes instead of doing a search for “Get Unity” you can have an evergreen statement to go to the Unity download page by accessing “gamedev.tv/get-unity”, and then you can manage the redirect to make sure it goes to the desired unity download page each time.

You could do something like that for all of the external links in the course as well.

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If anybody is here wondering, “Why isn’t Visual Studio an option during install?”

For me it was because I already had it installed! I actually installed it with an other version of Unity, removed Unity, but left Visual Studio.

What you may want to do ON WINDOWS is hit the Windows Key, hit the “v” key and run “Visual Studio Installer”.
It may want to update itself and then it may have updates available for Visual Studio itself, and then you’ll be all set!

I had a slightly different issue (which I expect might turn up again to haunt me later on) in which the ‘Unity Assets’ were not available as a download option.

This was against stable release version 2018.2.9f1.

They don’t offer the Standard Assets in the download anymore. However you can download them for free from the Unity Asset Store.

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i also ran into problems with standard assets not appearing, or example project, or dev tools, but i had already installed Vis Studio, so that one i know about. next i found this with quick google search, but not sure if it is the right stuff…
example project…i got not clue there.

A few things from my experience:

  1. Can explain a bit about licencing as I was a bit confused which one to pick and which one I actually need for now (picked the free one)

  2. After installation was completed, I’ve got an error saying that installation for Visual Studio failed :frowning: - I panicked a bit, googled it and found that it’s a common and known error for this version of Unity and VS in fact has been installed. So, might probably mention it somehow

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You are missing an important information in the instructions.

If you did not pre-install Visual Basic with its .NET environment before, you will not have the IDE installed properly for C# development. I.e. you can still use it and everything works fine, but the IDE is missing suggestions and auto-completes as it is not aware of C#.

For those missing the suggestions of the IDE as they are seen in the video: Open up Visual Studio installer, click on the “Change” button of the IDE edition installed and in the following dialogue go ahead and install “.NET desktop development” (or something like this my menu is shown in German and I am too lazy to change this now only for this post :stuck_out_tongue: ).
You can verify after installation in the editor of Visual Studio that C# is known by the IDE, when typing “Debug.Log”. When the IDE prompts with auto-complete suggestions, then everything works properly.

The Unity hub requires me to activate the license before downloading the Unity program.

As its 2019 now (2020 otw), I suggest update the video content (if its possible) to help newcomers who are less familiar with the registration progress?

Otherwise, great lessons thus far, time for the next lesson!

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I faced the exact same problem. It was a bit confusing and i had to use youtube for some details.

It would be better if you guys could update the video. :girl:t3:


Hi everyone,

Just wanted to share my thoughts on the “Download Unity & Visual Studio” lecture (Unique Video Reference: 2_IN_CUD).

What I found good:

  • Clear and concise instructions: The lecture provides a clear step-by-step guide on navigating the Unity download page, selecting the right version, and choosing download options. This is perfect for beginners who might be unfamiliar with the process.
  • Focus on getting started: The lecture wastes no time and gets straight to the point of downloading the essential tools. This is great for those eager to jump right into Unity development.

Suggestions for improvement:

  • Highlighting System Requirements: A brief mention of the minimum system requirements for Unity and Visual Studio could be helpful for users to ensure their computer can handle the software.
  • Exploring Additional Download Options: While the lecture focuses on the latest version, it might be beneficial to touch upon the option to download older Unity versions for compatibility purposes (if applicable to the course curriculum).

Bonus: Level Up Your Unity Development (Optional):

Once you’ve got Unity downloaded, these resources might come in handy as you progress in your learning journey:

  • Unity Learn: Unity offers a vast library of tutorials and documentation to get you started: [Link to Unity Learn]
  • Unity Asset Store: Explore the Unity Asset Store for pre-made assets, tools, and plugins that can enhance your projects: [Link to Unity Asset Store]
  • Unity Templates: We also have a collection of Unity templates available at unity templates. These templates can provide a solid foundation for various game genres and can help you save time on project setup.

Overall, the “Download Unity & Visual Studio” lecture is a great starting point for anyone new to Unity development. Thanks for the clear instructions!

I look forward to learning more with you all!

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