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Michael presents the challenge solution to the previous lecture

(Unique Video Reference: 17a_TB_BEC)

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Except the holes in my bridge, the overall uv-layout matches quite well :slight_smile:

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This was a little bit tough as snapping is not working completely in my version of Blender 2.8 (Oct. 13 release). So, it was painstaking to match vertices of sides to the same place on the UV map. I managed but hope they getting the snapping tool fixed.

Oh, my UVs process…
I did not do much in such a format, but screenshots are not enough) :sweat_smile:
Tex Tools
Although it would be possible to work this way on symmetry, but with your hands … and when there are a lot of them, then it tires, you can still do better, but this is a question of planning at the initial stage, I’m not a perfectionist)



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Challenge Result:

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Hey guys,

Back again here as i had a lot of work to do an learning elsewhere to do said work

Snapping issue i think is caused by a version in that it doesnt matter if you have snapping turned on or off you still need to hold control to snap.

Version 2.80.40 still have this issue so it appears its a broken toggle. I have noted this to Mikey as i review this lecture today.

Heres my result on this

Wow, this one was way more challenging than it should have been :weary: … at least until I discovered I had a missing face on my model :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

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didnt save te prrevious file so i just booleaned a new arch :wink:

Feels like I am finally getting hang of it, but I do dread more difficult forms. Will try to dedicate some time to practice this skill. I do feel quite happy with how it was explained.
Thank you, Michael.

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Yeah I gotta be honest, I kind of checked out on this section a bit. Still did it but I just didn’t make a fuss over it.