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  • Fixing the build errors.

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Hello Sam
I have Link Errors when Build the Project

CRemotePlaylist constructor is called in CSpaceWarClient::Init() function, and this call get me Link Error.
I don’t why? #include is OK. and I have not found any solution in Google

In your Project CRemotePlaylist file is not exist at all. Can you Help me?

Can you Show me your SteamworksExample Properties Linker>>General and Linker>>Input options. I think some .lib files is missed in my Project

I have solved the problem.
include RemotePlay.cpp file in SpaceWarClient.cpp

like so.

I don’t know this solution is or not good style, but it has fixed Error, and i can’t understand why header file, RemotePlay.h can’t find constructor implementation file, RemotePlay.cpp

Can you explain me ?


I was able to solve the error by adding RemotePlay.cpp to the list of source files in the Makefile

I don’t know if Visual studio uses the Makefile for getting sources. But that fixed it for me.

It’s Better solution, thank you

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