A warm welcome to you

I wold like to know how are the Computer Science course in Germany. I’m a Computer Sience student in Brazil and I want to continue my studies in Europe after end this course in my university =)

Very cool! Can you show the custom cardboard that you make?

hello Ben, I have a question! Either you or anybody can answer it, if they know the answer. I have Blender version 2.71, is there really much of a difference between 2.71, and 2.77? Will I run into problems during this coarse if I don`t upgrade to version 2.77?

helo, I`m Tyler, and I am 19 years, i am also a 3D modeler, Animator, and actor. I have lots of experoance with Blender, but I need more practice doing 3D modeling, and rigging As I keep running into problems during those stages. That’s why I took this coarse

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Where are you from, Tyler?

the colourful boxes were the first google cardboards i made using the lens from toy binoculars; they are very big due to the longer focal lengths of the lens i utilized in making them.


the small blacks one were made utilizing the offical lens recommended by google.

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the red google cardboard was made with plexiglas, it is a prototype i made, still undergoing modifications. the final design can accept samsung galaxy S3, S4, S5 and S6 with adjustable lens.


I`m from Buffalo NY

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Very cool! Show us the final version when it is done, please. =)

Nice, I want to meet this place some day =)

Hi, This is Yin. Looking forward to learn more with VR

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Hi I’m doing some weird experimental stuff, looking forward to the lesson

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Hello everyone. I have 2 reasons for my interest in VR: contributing to making learning easy and fun in school education, and telling the untold stories, the counter narrative, the hidden gems of world culture and nature not being covered by others. I am really looking forward to this course as my starting point in VR. My background is many years of consumer products marketing and currently a social entrepreneur as the founder of a STEM institute.

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Just what I’m interested in too. Hopefully we can collaborate.

I am very interested in creating entertaining content for education.

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Hi there @tvogel, I’ll let @Michael_Bridges answer that one as he’s more aware of the differences between versions.

@Michael_Bridges over to you.

I would always use the latest version of Blender. because it adds features and stability.

The earliest version in the entire course is 2.74.

You run the risk of a feature being used, not existing in 2.71 or a different workflow.

However if you have the need to keep 2.71 then don’t overwrite it, install a new copy when you upgrade. This can be important in projects as sometimes an update can break something… hasn’t happened to me yet, but it can and will happen at some point!

This is Teo here from Malaysia. I am exploring VR to learn and understand its UX side. Yes, I am a UX designer, working at a video streaming platform. Hope to apply VR into the viewing experience~



Hi Everyone! I’m Juan Rique, I’m From Peru
I’m Really Interested in VR and i want make some projects with my google cardboard.

for now want to make a VR tour app around high places for make a kind of acrophobia treatment for my college, and the same time make a nice VR games for fun!

PD:My english grammar isn’t perfect but I hope you can understand my questions during this course


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