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  4. 40,000 reviews can't be wrong!

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Just saying hi!


HI! - also, is Rick Australian??? sounds aussie to me!


Crikey! :slight_smile:


Just saying hi! I’m from Ukraine)


Hello guys!
I’m Dima from Russia. Novice in game development.


Hi, from El Salvador :slight_smile:


hi, m joining unity 2d …i want to create carrier in game development, can u tell me is it the best starting course for a startup???


Yep, this is the perfect course to get started.


Hi there from Spain.


I decided to buy the course based on your speaking skills and the images of games you showed in the video. I also went though the course listing to see what content was offered.

The only thing I would say you could do better would be for you to add a section to the video where you show the outline of the course and give a brief explanation of what content is in them.


Hello! i’m from Morocco


After researching what game engine I should take (Unity, Game Maker 2, or Godot) I finally decided Unity would be best for me! So here I am, gonna start this course!


Hi from Brazil!


hi ive just purchased this course. and i am very exited about it
what i would like to know if later in this course do you teach us how to port to android? smart phones
etc? many thanks


We dont go into deep detail as to how to deploy your game to mobile within this course. We’ve concluded that we need to invest time in a proper mobile deployment course in order to do this topic justice.


Starting the course


Hi everyone! I am in my mid thirties and considering a career change. I have been interested in programming few a long time now and learning some basics while exploring unity engine sounds great to me. I have loved playing games for as long as I can remember. This may be a pipe dream, but I would love to make my own indie game (even if I only do it for fun and a sense of accomplishment). Some of my all time favorites are Metal Gear Solid, Zelda, Elder Scrolls and the Soulsborne games. As far as indies, I have always been a big fan of Metroidvania style games and action platformers. I wish you all the best and hope that you each get inspired and educated by this course!


Hi everyone, Ahad Fahad just started the course :star_struck: from :saudi_arabia:
Lets dive into the gaming development industry :woman_technologist:


Hi guys!

I am Xue (Claire) from China and now living in Sydney. I am a mother of 10 month old baby. I decide to start to learn game making because I want to make my first small game. Hope we are all doing well in this course and achieve our goals:)