A Visual Bug with Text Mesh

So I’m following the course on unity 2021.1.6f , but when I added text mesh, I get this weird visual bug when I’m selecting the cube as a whole object, it doesn’t appear in the game view nor when I deselect the cube, any thoughts on why this is happening

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Have you already tried to restart Unity? If so and if the issue persists, create a new material and assign it to your meshes. If the issue persists, create a pixel sprite (just 1 white pixel) and assign it as the texture to your material. That should solve the problem.

It might be that the current material uses the font atlas as its texture. If you didn’t assign it yourself and if you cannot remove it, it might be that TextMeshPro overrode the white default texture, which actually should not happen and could be caused by a bug.

Did this fix it?

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Thanks a lot, you saved my day.

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