A trick for recoloring synty assets

Doesn’t always work well, but something to try. Rick suggested changing the “color tint” of the (duplicated) material.

Instead, look where it says Tiling and Offset. Experiment: using the mouse, click and drag to adjust Offset X and Offset Y. This will move the UV around and select different color swatches. For trees, watch the trunk or it might get colored strangely! Works with houses, etc. too. Just watch for things with more than one color: you might make one color good and the other color(s) ridiculous.

This is kind of random-ish so you just have to experiment.

This sounds actually like a neat alternative to just tinting the material.

I went a different way. Since the imported assets include several characters there are actually some usable materials from them that have a similar UV mapping layout with slightly different colours:

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