A Drum Set

Couldn’t get the desired output in Eevee render engine. The Cycles did enough to bring out the object properties and shadows.
Would like to learn more about Eevee.
Let me know where I can improve upon. :v:


This looks amazing :smiley: Yeah i cant get nice results in eevee either. I try to render everything in cycles. I really don’t have anything of feedback on this, it looks great :+1:

By default, Eevee has switch off, all ‘good’ things for performance reasons.
So you need to learn/study more about Eevee. Better shadows, better lighting.
It depend on what you want to do in the end. Gaming, animation or realistic renders.

Your drum set project is amazing! The green light is beautiful, but has no logic!
The pointlight sits there, in between, but no object which casts the light logically.
Maybe adding a spotlight instead?

Can I invite you to vote for our weekly Blender collaboration project?

Thank you for your review, have a good day.

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Thank you @FedPete for your consideration, but I don’t see myself getting into challenges right now, need to learn a lot in Blender. :grimacing:

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Wow. good job!

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