A copy right question

unfortunately, I do not know how to contact the creators of this tutorial for this question.
the question is that is it okay to make a game with the same idea and make it better and use it commercially and make money with it?
is there a copyright problem?
because I made a version of the game that is fun to play and I wanted to use this idea if possible.
sorry for the bad English.
and thank you for your answer.

Hi @mccain,

Welcome to our community, and thank you for your questions! :slight_smile:

Ben and Rick allow you to use their code, their assets and their concepts in your commercial games. However, it might be that they use third-party assets in some of their projects. For example, in Argon Assault, they download assets from the Unity Asset store. They cannot give you any permission to use those assets, only the creators can. For this reason, check the licences to see whether you are allowed to use certain assets in commercial games.

If in doubt, replace the assets with your own or with free assets.

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thank you for the response!
and yes the problem is solved.
have a great day!

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