7.185: Mii Attempt

You could participate in the Blender Collab …
As as in sculpt your snowman winter activity …

I love your style of visualization!


Vertex painting, an odd thing that Rick introduced to the course. Sure it must have uses but I do not feel many do use it. Strikes me texture painting on an image has mostly replaced VP?


I suppose I could, couldn’t I? But I need a clarification about its title.

By Blender Collab do you mean:

and A Colley Labrador Retriever?

I suspect that the dog retrieves the contents of the blender. His tongue is hanging out because he knows that it will be a very good mix :wink:

I was away from the computer for a few days, so I did not receive this invite until today (Feb. 21). Oh well!

Does he use it for the rest of the project, or does he switch over to another option after playing about with the Vertex painting?

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Wonderful man!!!


No uses it for the whole thing really.

Though it may make a comeback if the new sculpt developments (mentioned in Talk sec.) turn out well. Seems those they listen to are an odd bunch!


I agree. The snowman scene is a real piece of art!



My previous assets did most of the heavy lifting.

I had a look at your own artwork and activity. Impressive stuff- makes mine look like child’s play.

There was a three-fold challenge- the snow in general, the snow on the hat, and the mittens.

  1. The snow in general (the stuff on the ground) were made of metaballs. Due to bad parenting skills (:wink: ), I had to rearrange the snow without losing the information. Eventually I got it. Children just need time and patience, otherwise they get lost.

  2. The snow on the hat, however, was more challenging.
    I found that the snow on the hat was actually much harder than I would have anticipated. I thought I could simply “puff” up parts of the hat rim and away I would go. Instead, it was more like shale rock, coming up in very flat plate-like layers. I assume this was due to the flat surface of the hat rim not having enough vertices, but shouldn’t Dyntopo have taken care of that issue?

  3. I think that the mittens were problematic for the same reason as the hat. They were simply bloated and sculpted twig pieces. But trial and error won the day, and in better time than the snow on the hat.


cool xxx jess. I hope your project goes well xx jess.


Not at all, you got some real artistic vision :wink:

Good idea making the snow from metaballs!

I’m not sure about the dyntopo as I usually use the voxel remesher instead. But yeah, probably need higher resolution hat and mittens to get the organic shape you wanted.


I am not sure what that is, do tell!

I’m not exactly sure myself, but from what I’ve seen, dyntopo devides the geometry into tris, while remesh devides it into quads when sculpting. I don’t know the specifics of functionalities from using dyntopo, but I like to work with quads.

I just now tried to use dyntopo with the sculpt that I was working on, and blender crashed. Maybe that’s a sign that I should stick with the voxel remesh. Haha. Anyways, just try both and stick with what you think is most comfortable

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Maybe someone more experienced can tell us about the differences between dyntopo and the voxel remesh,

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Well, so much for that experiment- either your model is that complex or my computer is slightly more capable?

Where do I get or find voxel remesher?

This is where I’ve seen it. Not sure if there’s somewhere else you can locate it.


In sculpt mode.


Thanks for yours and @NP5 's reply. I will have to have a look at these options and test the difference. Hopefully my computer will not crash in the process, like @Gordon 's attempt.

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AHA! I knew there had to be another location, but just didn’t think of using it while sculpting. Going to make a note of that for future use.


I tried using it, and found my model becoming too blocky, even when it was turned further down. I once accidently turned down the Voxel size too much and crashed blender… oops.

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I sculpt the main parts first, then when I need more detail I turn down the voxel size. I can bring it down to the minimum with smaller models, but with my head sculpt before I could only go down to a certain point before blender crashing.

I’m going to play around with dyntopo too, to get some more experience. The main reason why I started using the voxel remesh instead was because I read online that pretty much everyone else was using it, and that dyntopo was a bit outdated. But maybe dyntopo has also had some updates, not sure.

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