5.134: Iiiik! A moving lamp!

Despite the title of the lesson sounding like a disease (Auto Inverse what? That sounds terrible!) I found the lesson very information. I could not help but look at those shaded “limit axis” parts, so I played with them. There I discovered the answer to the problem he left us with. He said he would address them soon, but I had a go at it anyway.

Regardless, I am pleased with the results:

Side note, witness the power of my new graphics card! What I mean is now I have multiple options for capturing videos on my machine.


Good mini animation banging its had on the wall!

Just needs to be lit as a lamp!


Now you head it right on the head, so to speak. The bulb is on, there is one in there, as you see in the video. The issue is that the material that I applied only works in the rendered viewport, not the materials preview.

Unless you have some recommendations that could alleviate this issue?