3D Unity Course Introductions

Welcome to the Complete Unity Developer 3D

Support and encourage your fellow students by sharing your installation and setup experiences here. We would also love to see your prefabs and scenes, don’t be shy!

If you haven’t already, why not take a moment to introduce yourself to your community? You could start by telling us a little bit about you; where you’re from, what you’re hoping to gain from the course(s) and perhaps what experience you already have.

My name is Devin. I got the first Unity course that came out with Unity 5. I Got busy going to school for CS and have been wanting to get back into Unity. I am interested in making 2d games and am interested in learning more about unity 2017 2d options.


Here is my car:



Slow but steady first start.

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Hello, my name is Cody. I have tried a few different game engines over the last couple of years, but I have recently decided to focus on Unity. I like the fact that I can make a 2D or 3D game without sacrificing the overall quality. Here is my Street Scene with two prefabs.

Hi People! The name’s Brendan, just popping by to introduce myself. I’m a classical musician by trade but have always had a general interest in coding and in games (plus a little web design). Not enjoying the day job so much, thought I’d give this a whirl and see where it leads me. Might just be fun, might lead to bigger things - looking forward to it either way!

My first try :wink:

Multiple prefabs

My Car

Hi everyone sorry I think I posted in the wrong place but here are my prefabs lol what do you all think?


My Car :slight_smile:

Here is my car :joy:

And the little street view

Hello to all. I have taken some of Ben’s Blender courses, which has helped me improve my Blender. I have 3D modeled ships and planes for years. Basically the hard way because I wasn’t aware of a lot of the modifiers and what they did. I have recently become interested in game programing because I want to make a RPG that is like one I play on an old Win95 machine. It is a turn based 16 bit game, but I would love to make one somewhat like it in 32, or 64 bit HD.
I have made illustrations for Wikipedia with my model ships. I have written and authored a book on Amazon about ships using my 3D models.
I have started to model props for games, but I need to learn Unity, and or Unreal and how to make the game that I am envisioning.
Here is a sword that I recently modeled in Blender and textured in 3D Coat.
Anyway I look forward to this course, and hope to have a lot of fun and learning with you all.

Haratio Fales. Blue Dragon Modeling.

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