3D Character Help for Students


Hey Blender / GameDev.TV folks. My high school game development students are in the process of developing a game of their own design as their capstone project. Almost everything we need is able to be created by the team themselves.

The one area where we cannot create something (or find what we are looking for on the asset store or elsewhere) is in the area of the player character. We actually have a concept artist doing the drawings so I can provide those but if there are any 3D artists who would be willing to contribute to my students work, post here or shoot me a DM.

We can provide the concept art by the end of next week and have a deadline of May 1st. We would need a 3D player character that matched the concept art and art style set by the team. Ideally it would be rigged / animated as well but we might be able to figure that out ourselves. The game will not be sold but your name will be in the credits.

Thanks for reading!

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Edit: 1st of May, not March


hi @Kingdomseed ,
i might be interested, if you could shar some more details, also about what style, like low poly or more realistic.

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@Manu_Scheller Thanks for the response Manu. The students are all on Spring Break until Monday but we will definitely keep you posted and we’ll put some concept art online on Monday. I’ll keep you posted here. I think it will be more realistic style and it will be either a young boy and young girl or a young man and young woman, African American.

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Ok :smiley:
I can try give it a shot, but i’m not sure if i can finish it until the first of april(i assume, as you wrote 01.03 ^^) . But i can try, based on the complexity of the model you need :smiley:

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I’m an idiot. I meant 1st of May. @Manu_Scheller

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haha, ok, then it should be possible :smiley:


@Manu_Scheller Hi Manu, I’m Bryson, the lead game designer of Liberation, the game that our Computer Science 3 class is developing. I just wanted to hop on and introduce myself and let you know that I’ll be sending you some concept art that one of my team members have made. Just some information about the game: Liberation is an isometric stealth game that features a nameless 18 - 20 year old male/female slave trying to escape captivity. The game will have a realistic art style. It will become available to play on all platforms (Mobile, PC, and Console). The game will have no voice acting, only text boxes. Hopefully, this info will give you some creative insight on your creation of the character.

Our entire team thanks you for hooking us up with some 3D Art. If you have any questions at all, please let me know :ok_hand:t6:


These are some pieces that our concept artist created. If you need any other pieces to help you, I’ll have our artist draw some more for you @Manu_Scheller


thanks, that should be enough for the start. I’ll send you various improvement shots over time then. Probably i can start a bit tomorrow, but then i’ll need stop for 1 week (business trip). After that i’ll go on with it and keep you updated :slight_smile:


This is awesome! Keep us posted with the project! I would love to see what you guys create!


@coolkilla56 , @Kingdomseed ,
A first iteration on the man :


@Manu_Scheller Looking great so far!:fire: I can’t wait to see more progress​:ok_hand:t5:

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Is it ok to put your name in the credits?

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That would be great :grin::+1:t2:



I’m happy for you guys!


The students will post the playable demo here for y’all to check out when it’s ready :slight_smile:


Can’t wait!




Looking good! Is there a way to make his face look younger though? Maybe the cheek definition?