im not getting any print message on my console when i collide with terrain or my enemy ship

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Are the messages enabled in your console? Have you already compared your code to the Lecture Project Changes which can be found in the Resources of this lecture? Make sure that the methods are spelt correctly. And do both your player and your enemy/terrain have got a collider component attached to their respective Inspector?

Thank you!
yes the has no issues I compared it ,and my methods are spelt correctly and i attached collider component to my ship and enemy ship…
Everything I checked it is proper .Even though I’m not getting the message on console.

What is the name of the collision/trigger method in your code? Could you please share screenshots of what you see in Unity? I’m interested in the Inspector of the game objects which are supposed to work, and in their Collider components.

Thank you. In your last screenshot, the Box Collider is disabled. Enable it.


See also:

Thank you so much for the help:)

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