Zoom in and out in Animator window

This is pretty silly, but I noticed Rick zoom in/out in the animator window around the 4:30 timestamp during this lecture and was wondering how to do this on Windows. For some reason I just can’t find it anywhere online and it seems like large animation webs would be a huge pain without it.

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Have you already tried to move the mouse while keeping the alt key and the left mouse button pressed?

Thanks for the welcome! Moving the mouse while keeping the alt key and left mouse button pressed just lets me traverse the animator window by dragging it around, but doesn’t allow me to zoom at all. I’m on Unity 5.5.4p4 if that helps at all.

Is there a reason why you are using such an old version?

I think the option to zoom in the animation window was introduced in Unity 2017.

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I know it’s not the same, but 5.5, you can click on “maximize” (top-right corner) and the animator will cover the whole screen. Then “minimize” to go back to normal".

Zoom wasnt introduced as Nina says until a few versions in of 2017

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