Zoom + Focal Length

I forget its purpose but remember there is a shot for dramatic effect where you adjust the focal length and zoom with the inverse of one another. It’s not as dramatic using my simple grid background but it does illustrate how the view of the background grows as the focal length tightens.

Later I tried keyframing manual focus to keep her from getting blurry in the middle but this proved easier said than done.

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I love that kind of effect. There’s a setting somewhere to keep the camera focused on a specific point on a target. This may help. If you also want to maintain the sharpness of the background, adjusting the F Stop and DOF may help

I got it! It’s called the Dolly-Zoom or Vertigo Effect. This guy breaks it down better than I could so check it out.

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Great explanation. It’s an interesting effect and this gives a good explanation as to why you would use it.

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I somehow screwed up the “Field of View” on my perspective camera by accident while editing that shot to reverse the effect. It was horrible the first time because I couldn’t even navigate or view my scene until I realized what I was looking at. At least the second time I knew what was going on but I still don’t see how I did it. In case this happens to you, find the setting here and return it to 35mm.

That tracking setting did the trick though. I was able to recreate the scene a couple of videos from now where we play with the Crane Rig.


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Later this type of shot and many others get discussed: