Zombie Runner

My name is Lee and i’m having an issue with rick’s final version of game that came off of github. I keep getting the following warning message in the console: The character used for Ellipsis is not available in font asset [ZOMBIE SDF].
Somebody please help me fix this issue because i don’t know how to! Thanks!

Hi Lee,

Check all texts in the game. Is the ellipsis used somewhere? If so, remove it because the Zombie font asset does not contain that character.

Thanks for trying to help but i can’t fix it. everything looks fine in editor but i’m still have the same warnings. i need a step by step guide on how to fix this. There is a TMP SubMesh UI | ZOMBIE SDF underneith quit text. i checked the other texts too. i don’t have the experience or training to fix this on my on. i have done the entire 3d course and now i’m on the 2d one but i still would like this issue resolved. just tell me if you need anything from me like screenshots and i will do it. I am grateful your trying to help me. i just need more to fix this. i did disable and delete the submesh but then i got even more errors so i deleted the entire folder from drive and reinstalled the final version again but i’m still getting the same warning in console.

Yes, please share a few screenshots. Which version of Unity do you use? Bear in mind, though, that we have holidays in Europe, so it might take a little longer until you get an answer.

Have you already tried to download Rick’s project from GitHub? You can find a link to his repository in the Resources of the current lecture. Import his project into Unity and check if he has got a TMP SubMesh UI assigned, too.

This is Rick’s project from github and i’m using 2019.1.0. the same one he used in the course. i’ll show some screenshots later. thanks!

Try to update Unity because 2019.1.0 is fairly old. The issue could be caused by a bug in Unity. It’s worth a try to import Rick’s project into a newer version.

I updated it to 2019.2.9 but the same warnings appeared. What specific things do you need to see in the screenshots.


I’m wondering where the underline, the strikethrough and the ellipsis glyphs were used. The first thing I would try is to remove the SubMeshUGUI child. It’s not supposed to be there.

If that does not remove those harmless warning messages, go to Window > TextMeshPro > Font Assets Creator and check the content list of the ZOMBIE font. The “problem” with free fonts is often that they lack a lot of characters. In that case, you either have to avoid using those missing characters or you will have to create your own font (which takes up to 1-2 years depending on your experience) or you’ll have to buy a font license (which can cost everal hundreds or thousands of Dollar).

How are you getting on with this, @Lee99?

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