Zombie Runner Less 202

I’m using Synty characters for Zombies. I heard they need to be altered a little to use properly. I also d/l the Melee Axe Pack from the Asset Store. They worked great, but I don’t have a Death animation. I tried to d/l one from Mixamo, but it didn’t work (with skin and without skin). I tried to upload my character to them (like in a YouTube video) but it doesn’t work.

I tried to d/l the Zombie from the lesson but, "Needs Unity upgrade to version 2019.2.9. I went to Help> Check for Update> and updated it to 2018.4.13f1. Which it says is the current version.

My question is how do I get a death animation?

Hi Jim,

You probably have to make one yourself. Unfortunately, I don’t know how to animate 3D characters in Unity, so I cannot help you with this. Maybe this tutorial helps.

Also please feel free to ask our helpful community of students for advice in our official Discord chat.

Do you have a few tips, @Marc_Carlyon?

Thanks @Nina

What i suggest doing is looking on the asset store in the unity engine for RPG mecanim free pack as we use these in the RPG course with the synty sample pack


This is the link to the external site so you know what you are looking for.
I have the full pack as i got it on a 50% discount a while back and there is more than enough in the free pack for your zombie game.

One of the things to check with animations is the rig is imported correctly on the import settings as often it comes in as generic and needs to be changed possibly to humanoid to work, this may also mean adjusting the avatar (But i think they come with them anyway)

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

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Thank you. The death animation in this pack works good, except the body floats off the ground a few inches, fine for learning though. I don’t know how to get the rig panel to appear.

When you import the asset if you click on it in the assets not have it in the scene then the options will be over in the inspector on different tabs.
You might have to look into the root bone on the models if its not working correctly. @Rick_Davidson maybe you have some insight on this one?

No real great insight from me I’m afraid. If the animation is working but floaitng off the ground a little bit then it could be that the animation was created that way or there is a y offset somewhere that could be moved a little lower.

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