Zombie Runner House. not finished yet taken some hours

Hey guys, this is my house iv made. i made it from prefabs from the flooded grounds asset and i used probuilder for the roof parts. im having a nightmare with nav mesh so i may need to scrap it and start again…

anyone know how to make doors work? and how to make entering a room a new level?


How’s the progress of the house coming along?

Hi Kevin, thanks for taking an interest,
Not good mate tbh.
see iv taken the GDtv Unity 3D course, making games with unity. but now i have finished the course i have a better understanding of what i dont know about making games. i think it was silly to think that after this course id be in a place to know how to make a game…
now iv started the GDtv lighting course that is great btw, how i ever thought i could make a game without a good understanding of lighting and its cost i dont know.
i made this house using prefabs, that is prefabs that are rendered on all sides. if i had of known what i know now i would have made it totally differently. i mean i didnt even use ProGrids, making this house was painful and it is a nav mesh nightmare and rendering it is so expensive…
So, this project is on hold until i have the skills to make it the right way.
ill make it in ProBuilder or blender. i have the blender course ill be starting after the lighting course.

I’m going to make the scariest game the world has ever seen. putting a lot of research into it. trying to find a way that makes evil spirits actually haunt the players through their own PC screens. a bit like the movie the Ring i think. still it all has something to do with making the player slowly believe in the possibility then manifesting the evil spirits themselves. it only works if you believe it, but telling yourself you don’t believe it is like reverse psychology, the more you say it the more you believe in it Kevin xD Muhuhahaha

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