Yup, my blocks sure do kinda look like a plane

Once I know how to slice things up and such, these will look soooo much better. But it’s something I suppose.

oh wait biplanes have propellers. whoops.


Nice job :slight_smile: How long did that take you?

Thank you !
Also, 15 minutes? Maybe? Not sure, something like that. I sorta glossed over after a bit.

Looks pretty good for 15 minutes work :slight_smile:
Hope you’re enjoying the course as much as I am, I’ve made it to section 3 over maybe a week and a half of reasonably intensive learning with a little previous experience with 3d. And I’m really happy I picked up this course.

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It’s a rather nice course, working out much better for me than several on CGCookie were. Same boat here on the prior education level, my classes haven’t kicked into gear yet so this is both warmup and training for when the tough assignments come down the line. Glad to hear it’s workin’ out for ya.

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