You're all welcome to my dwarven pub!

Come in, put up your axe and your boots… grab a mead… have some wine, laugh with friends and relive old battles!!!

As always comments welcome… please atm its 80% done and just wondering what detritus is missing!!! (rendered in EVEE, still working through better flames in CYCLES render)

This is a direct result of the course! If you’re starting… this is me 2 1/2 years and have still going through the course!

Thanks as always and raising my pint to you all!


A great achievement and glad to see you back after 6 months.

I think the floor is too noisy (difficult to explain). The tables chair etc. blend in (same colors). Difficult to recognize all the used elements.

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Awesome feedback!!! I’ll have a look at all those points!!! Been a big 6months redoing the course for blender 2.9!!!

Appreciate your time.

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Very good Pub room, in a low poly style. Is it intended for some game environment? Or similar use in a game engine?

Lots of good logical items repeat used.

The wall texture feels to be at an angle. Even looking at the far end wall which is more square on to the view, the blocks slope down to the left, or gives that impression.

The other thing is the room size. That huge unsupported flat ceiling. It just ‘feels’ wrong to the eye. Pubs and old world rooms were smaller, cosier. To get big rooms you needed vaulted beam work, wood or stone.

It is a very fancy pub, chairs not benches? Metal edged tables? Might be better as plain planked, both shape and texture. Rather a modern formal dining place feel currently.

I’m really liking this, and aside from everyone’s comments about it, I could’ve used something like this at the beginning of the year. I don’t usually do final renders in Blender, but someone I know who creates wonderful characters for use in another software I use a lot, created a Dwarf Giant, and I was looking for a pub/tavern setup to show him off. I didn’t find one I liked, so wound up doing an outdoor scene instead.

Your scene made me think of it again. :grinning:

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Awesome feedback!!! It’s a proof of concept for a VR project…

Repeated assists something I picked up as a gamer and the course. It’s to practice making parts and Legoing a scene together…

Roof supports… yeah great call… I’ll do 2 versions see if VR makes a difference in moving around with posts etc.

Thanks for the time on the feed back… let me check the walls… great pick up… used a diff way of UV mapping simple object… might have to tweak it!

Thanks again!!!

Oh that would’ve been awesome a giant slouch ina. Corner! Bahahaha.

Love the creativity of people here!!!

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Hello! If you have time can you consider some of the changes made based on the input from everyone…

You’re right mid floor beams holding the roof… winner.

Losing the table on the floor… lighting issues… just added table candles

And you were 100% right re the wall textures the vertice nodes way of UV wasn’t working and too fiddly to change… so just remapped the uv’s!

Anything else?

also changed the camera position…

And thanks for your time and thoughts!


ok made the final render with a more balanced composition… ( my photographic career eyes twitched at the last one!)


Love the atmosphere!

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Much better and improved!

  • the most left wall texture (with shield hanging), look like an inverted normal map. Dents inwards, instead of outwards?
  • You missing a pillar? At the right part of the scene. There at the ceiling is a wooden pillar construction.

Yeah I see what you’re getting at re that wall… might replace it… i think you’re right.

And yes… sigh… missed a X in the see in render column for a column! bahahaha grabbed it though in the cycles render.

I’m gonna polish it tomorrow… still ok if I send through another render for your keen eye!

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ah got it… normals got flipped somehow on the wall!

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Walls are better. Is it within the intended purpose to vary the position of the wall UVs so they are not so obviously the same wall in each section?
There are the usual Eevee artifacts of hovering over the ground, this may be no issue in the VR use?

I still personally do not like the floor. Huge and rocky. Looks like an outdoor surface, bigger even than cobblestones. I expect domestic interiors to be smaller ‘tiles’, more neatly laid and flat/smooth. Or just a earthen floor, or rushes, straw, covering.

The ‘spare’ roof support has already been pointed out.

As a matter of interest, why is the bread roll, bottle, candle, cheese, and the jug higher poly than the plate and tankard? In that, the first do not look angular at the edge, but the last two look very very low poly and say computer generated faster to the eye than anything.

Bread big roll crust UV looks stretched.
The tankard is odd shaped, they would, even if straight sided types tend to be a degree conical, wider at the bottom. Just search ‘tankard’ for images. The base is ‘wrong’ too. More like it is welded to a metal beer mat!
Chairs would usually have low leg connecting rails or they are weak and likely to snap a leg off.

Although I am ‘nitpicking’ to try and help give you ideas to improve it. Do not let my comments deflect from the fine job you have done for a particular purpose. My personal angle is for realism and just still image, art.


Gary i loved your scenery atmosphere, I got really impressed of that scenery that I even got motivated for an RPG :smiley: But really I really liked the normals on the candles and the lighting itself.


This is perfect feedback!!!

After a while it’s hard to see it fresh which is why I love posting here!!!

I’ll look at all these points!! I’m going to remake it, assets and all, some of the feedback should make the workflow easier!!!

Thanks so much for your time to get into the weeds! As you know it’s the small visual inaccuracies that can spoil a scene!!

I’ll spend 2 weeks redoing it, especially looking at the uv mapping and making better smaller assists like the bread!

Also working on geometry boxing for the outside!

Thanks again appreciated!!!


Thanks! RPG all the way!!!

Bahahaha… my next proof of concept is cyberpunk so prepare for 2 game choices!


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Great work! Makes you wont to sit by the fire, and drink ale from the scull of a goblin. Very cosy

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