Your first function

Here is my code for this section and game for this section:

The ascii art is by Christopher Johnson. I tried to do some on my own but I could not figure it out. So I left a link to the website I found it at as a comment to credit the artist.

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When sharing your code, rather than using screenshots you should use the preformatted code icon and paste the code in. It is easier to read.

Thanks for sharing and Kudos for keeping a comment in your code to credit the artist.

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Thank you for letting me know about the preformatted code icon. I just found it. Will be doing that in the future. Screenshots were starting to get too unwieldy to post too.

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For screenshots (Windows 10 anyway), press, [WINDOWS]+[SHIFT]+S to activate the snipping tool. It’s really handy. no need to print screen and paste into paint or something

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