Your Cut Scene Storyboard or Plan

Show us your storyboard or bullet point plan for your Cut Scene!
Here is mine:
“Meet The Mentor”…

  1. Drongo comes to a halt as he notices someone (Wukong) at the top of the steps.
  2. Wukong is asleep. He is startled awake.
    [WUKONG]: “47 beans and an apple tart… wait… what…who dat?”
    Wukong spins his staff impressively
  3. Camera is close to Drongo. Wukong is off in the distance.
    [DRONGO] “I seek the truth to the…”
  4. Cut to close to Wukong, Drongo in the distance. We hear very faint, muffled talking.
    [WUKONG] Yelling: “Huh? Can’t hear you…”
  5. Cut back to Drongo, also yelling
    [DRONGO]: “What’d you say?”
  6. Quick cuts to Wukong then Drongo, each saying “what” and “huh”
  7. [DRONGO] Frustrated: “Never mind, I’ll find it myself”

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