You had me at platform (Godot) ;)

I wanted to back the kickstarter, but as I am already doing the UE4 course, I wasn’t sure if I should do so, then I watched the video and platform game came up. That did it - PLEDGED :slight_smile :slight_smile:
Just the £10 for now, but I may up it to the artist level, as I wouldn’t mind delving into the Gimp course and Blender characters, once I have completed the main Blender course.

This is my 3rd Kickstarter, having backed Pimax 8K (VR HMD), and Ashes of Creation (MMORPG)

I’m looking forward to having fun with Godot, although it’ll probably be a few months before I make a start on it, if that, lol

Good luck with the Kickstarter. Excellent educators are always worth backing :slight_smile:


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