Just a little something I am working on.
I could use some help though, anyone know how I can the get the edges extra sharp whittout getting a jagged surface?

Round the left eye is a good example … you can see it’s going a bit square.
I used edge split and subdivision and google…

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subdivide the rim of the hole (W–>Subdivide) then use the To Sphere Tool (Shift+Alt+S)

hope that helps :smile:

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Will, give it a go thank for the reply! :blush:

You can have a sharp (but not jagged) edge by using bevel on the edges. That way it will have a very defined edge, but still be quite smooth. (Control + b with an edge selected)

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Yeah, thanks McFuzz will give that a try a bit later on, cheers.

Michael this is going to sound to simple to be true…the way i have been getting rid of things like that is just add another loop cut and move it very close to the offending edge and it smooths those kind of ripples right out …for me anyways thats been the simplest way to get rid of those ripple things … You have 3 ideas here , one of them will work or maybe all three :slight_smile:

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I’’ try a make some time today to test all your great idea’s. I’’ let you know what was the best!
Thanks again for you help! Great community.


I think that’s exactly what the edge split modifier does, doing it manually gives you more control though.

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