Yet more bloody Bowling Balls

Just some more Bowling Balls to add to the already abundant collection.

I shaded the inner finger holes with a 1) Black Material and 2) a Tan Material while in Edit Mode - Add Material - Assign, thus my Bowling Balls have 3 Slots for materials.

The first is rendered in Eevee and the main material uses a Voronoi Texture into a ColourRamp.

The second is rendered in Cycles and the main material uses a Wave Texture into a ColourRamp.


Colourful balls!
I think the Eevee one cot confused by all the reflectivity.

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Yeah somewhat - but the Cycles one looks a little flat to me and I was going for high reflectivity of the glossy lanes…

You can probably see the array of lights i have over the pink ball - but I couldn’t get that confusion out of the floor (no matter what lights I stopped from rendering) - maybe my lane shader node setup is a little convoluted.

Cycles doesn’t seem to render like the viewport for me - might it be my old GPU, a GTX 970, no RTX ??

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