Yellow Sub!

Hi, well that was a lot of fun to make!
My take on the rocket boost is the yellow sub, i will sure come back and add to it.

See me go!

The game has the usual A - D - Space controls, and you can play it here:

Any feedback will be appreciated!


I thought the graphics are great.

I love the art style and the sound effects! Very cool! I also liked how you had the player restart the level rather than the whole game. I will say that the controls did take a while to get used to though, I think having the bubbles coming out of the back made it feel like the thrust should be coming from the tail rather than underneath. Having the thrust come from a different angle than where the animation was, was a little confusing. Other than that I thought it was awesome! Hope you come back and do more with it!

thanks for the comments!
I agree with you about the bubbles, i am currently doing the second phase of the course and hopefully learn enough to upgrade the game :slight_smile:

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